Chapman Freelance

My work combines the latest technologies with a classic sense of business professionalism. I bring a unique perspective to creating both beautiful designs and intuitive systems, complemented by a simple user interface.

  • 9 Fluent Programing Languages
  • 117 Projects Completed
  • 99 Coffees Consumed & Counting
  • 2 Years Coding


I believe that apps and websites should not only be eye-catching, but should also provide a pleasant, comprehensive user experience that will be remembered.

Custom Websites

Your business has a message to communicate and something unique to offer. Together, we can create the perfect website to communicate your brand.

User Experience

At the heart of everything I do lies a great user experience. I take pride in creating a user interface that is as intuitive as it is beautiful.

Web-based Data Systems

Tracking data is an essential part of any modern business. Whether it is a system to track your salesmen or an online time clock, I can tailor any web-based application to meet your needs.

Mobile Design

In growing numbers, people are using mobile devices to interact online. I design beautifully responsive websites with a classic feel. Your business content will be showcased in an elegant way that transfers excellently between a variety of devices and formats.


Online sales are one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to further your business and incoming revenue. I can incorporate an online store into your website in a sleek, effective package that will open up your business to new clientele.

Identity & Branding

A great product should always be complemented by beautiful branding. I will assist you in creating a unique imaging message that bridges the gap between your products and the world.

  • Henry Ford

    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

  • Steve Jobs

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

  • Oscar Wilde

    “The curves of your lips rewrite history.” – The Picture of Dorian Gray

  • Betty Smith

    “‘Dear God,’ she prayed, ‘let me be something every minute of every hour of my life.’” – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Project Features

A variety of features can be built into your webpage. This is a representation of the most popular features that clients have chosen for their projects. Choose as many or as few as you have need for.

  • Custom Design
  • Web-based Data System

  • Brand Development
  • Web Hosting

  • Mobile, Responsive Design
  • E-Commerce Integration

Let’s connect

I am never satisfied. My goal is to stand proudly behind each new creation, knowing that it represents my best work to date. I am proud of my past work, but I also believe that complacency is the greatest enemy of innovation. Partner with me, and we will quickly and professionally produce a website that fully represents you and your business. Through design and content, I will create a website that embodies your vision while keeping an eye for the minute details that make a world of difference.

  • Benjamin Chapman

    Programmer / Web Developer

    You guessed it, I am the entire team. Well, make that you and I. Let’s create something.


    Let me introduce myself

    – I am the eldest of 7.

    – I love CrossFit – come WOD with me!

    – I started my first business at 9 (a rabbitry).

    – Apple is a way of life.

    – I am a coffee connoisseur.

    – A great puzzle is the way to my heart.

    My Portfolio

    I can build your product from idea to launch. I have experience in web and mobile design, branding, iOS development and frontend. Here are examples of my work.

    Business Website


    Event Website

    E-Commerce Website

    Business / E-Commerce


    Want to say hello or share an idea? Give me a call, or drop an e-mail - I will get back to you as soon as I can.
    Phone: (903) 920 - 3288